How to Check For Ripeness in Garcinia Cambogia

Just like any other fruit the Garcinia Cambogia fruit has the levels in which it is raw and unripe and progresses to the ripe stage. When not used while they are ripe, they will start spoiling. So how will one know when they are ripe and ready for use?

An unripe fruit is normally green and tend to be hard when pressed from outside. This is the stage just after it has been produced from the flower stage. As they mature they grow in size and start to ripen. They may ripen from the tree or the farmer may pick the mature ones and allow them to ripen in the house.

They will only pick the mature ones as they are the ones which will ripen. If he picks the ones that are not mature they will spoil and not ripen. A ripe fruit is either red, orange, yellow or purple in color. This depends entirely on the species that was grown.

They provide a sweet aroma when put close to the nose. Another characteristic of a ripe fruit is that it tends to respond to pressure when pressed with the fingers. They are soft and not as hard as the raw ones which are normally hard. As they start spoiling they become tough and lose their color to a dull brownish color.

ripe garcinia fruit

What is the taste of ripe Garcinia Cambogia?

A ripe Garcinia Cambogia which has grown to maturity, is sour and acidic and has a taste close to the taste of the tamarind. It has a little bit of sweetness but the sour taste overpowers any sweetness within the fruit. It is not easy to eat the fruit in its raw state because of the overwhelming sourness which cause a twinkling in the mouth and may hurt the taste buds in the mouth. The feature of this fruit that it is sour and acidic makes it a good aid for digesting food.

When eaten with other types of food it tends to make the digestion process quite fast. This is an advantage to a patient who is using the Ayurveda type of medication. When digestion has taken place the body is able to deal with the healing process since there is no food in the system to undergo any digestive process.

It is also assumed that a higher concentration of the Hydroxycitric acid is found on the rind. It is spread on the whole fruit but it is mainly concentrated within the rind of the fruit.

The fruit is therefore best used to enhance the taste of foods. It is mainly used as a chutney to consume other meals. This is particularly the case when eaten with protein foods which take a longer time to digest.

It should be noted that the Garcinia Cambogia has a low fat content and has a high water content. It has also been found to contain a high fiber content. All these three features when combined will definitely aid in digestion.

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